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Stephen J. Goulding

(Chi Do Therapist)

 Steve was introduced to the martial arts at the age of twelve when he took up judo. At the age of sixteen he entered the Metropolitan Police Cadet Corps where he continued his judo training and also took up the Olympic sport of wrestling. He represented the Cadet Corps in each of theses combat sports and was a member of the Self Defence Demonstration Team.

During police basic training, Steve was taught the art of Aikido and for thirty years put into practice the techniques and philosophy of that art. Upon retirement from the service Steve was looking for a method of keeping fit which had a similar philosophy and discipline as the martial arts. Steve found the Chi Clinic and Chi-Do, a combination of the martial and healing arts. Steve studied at the Chi Clinic concentrating more on the health side of Chi-Do and in 2007 qualified as a Chi-Do therapist.

After retirement from the Police Service Steve became a lecturer at Brooklands College teaching stress management, health and fitness. Steve had achieved his teaching qualifications (Certificate in Post Compulsory Education and Training, and a Home Office Accredited Instructor Certification) whilst in the Police Service and later a Fitness Instructor qualification. He developed and taught his students strategies to cope with the pressures of war zones whether they be on home or foreign soils, psychological or physical. A major part of the strategies was Chi-Do.

Steve retired as a lecturer in 2012 but has continued sharing Chi-Do therapies and philosophies running classes locally and visiting care homes where he has developed and introduced a sitting form for those who are bright eyed but a little unsteady on their feet.

In 2015 Steve was a member of the bronze medal winning team at the 100th Anniversary Open Tai Chi Championship in Beijing and went on to train in the Wudang Mountains with Tai Chi masters.

Steve has also given lectures and demonstrations to health care professionals, schools, youth organisations and charity groups. 

“Stephen has a vast range of experiences that we were able to cultivate and enhance during his training here at The Chi Clinic. He has gone on to become a highly respected member of the Association and an excellent practitioner. We are proud to support him in all he does”.Tony Hardiman – Co-Founder of the Chi Do Association and Senior Therapist at the Chi Clinic. “From a position of strength show mercy”


 “My aim to help you maintain good health in an environment which is fun and supportive”  Steve Goulding











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